The MODx mobile trainer is not just another burn container. Designed for fire training, the unit is a unit made of all new materials, has a fully galvanized structural steel frame, offers interchangeable doors, windows, and walls and outlasts any comparable product on the market today.

The MODx modular trainer is uniquely engineered and DESIGNED FOR THE FIRE SERVICE to accommodate both Class A and gas simulator burn capabilities. MODx offers departments a GRANT ELIGIBLE solution that can be easily expanded in the future. The MODx is the first of its kind to provide a complete, modular training system with a life expectancy that outlasts any other comparable product on the market today. It offers departments an affordable training solution, while still providing the quality they have grown to expect from WHP.

The integrity of the unit relies on the FULLY GALVANIZED STRUCTURAL STEEL FRAME that allows for open floor plans without any interior columns or beams not available through traditional offerings. The walls are independent of the unit which allows all walls to be easily moved, removed, or reconfigured . Additionally, doors and windows are interchangeable [attached by four bolts] allowing for a wider variety of training exercises with the system. The structural, composite concrete floor system is engineered to address and mitigate typical water drainage issues previously seen in containerized systems that are designed to keep water confined. MODx is easily customizable, available in multiple sizes & configurations and can be built to customized specifications. In addition to being reconfigurable, MODx is trailer mountable and/or moveable with a telehandler forklift. The unit can be shipped fully assembled or unassembled for those departments that want to install the system themselves to save on freight and site costs.

MODx was built to be compatible with confined space training, forcible entry and reconfigurable maze systems. The module allows for rappelling and laddering to engage firefighters and prepare them for real-world fire training scenarios & applications. Variable pitched roof with chop outs allow for roof operations training.

MODx can be customized to meet YOUR needs:

* Structurally engineered
* All NEW materials
* Interchangeable doors and windows
* Custom size modules available
* Future expandability without structural
* Galvanized for lower maintenance
* Open floor plan and various room
* Flexible interior layout
* Class A & Class B options available
* Reduced installation, freight, and site costs
* Quality assembly